/ˈiːkəˌtəʊn; ˈɛkə-/


A transitional zone, usually the boundary between two different ecosystems

The transitional zone between two distinct natural communities, an ecotone is the epitome of change. This aptly sums up the role Ecotones, our boutique resort, hopes to play in today's fast-paced world: a camp far away from the madding crowd, one that will rekindle in you the joy of soaking in the captivating beauty of the outdoors. A place where you can transition into the wild and unwind in the lap of nature.

We promise some of the most ethnic experiences in accord with nature and local traditions, which are sure to enthral, excite and enlighten your visit. In short, an escapade that will leave you relaxed, satisfied and yearning for more!

Ecotone Place
Ecotone Camp
Ecotone mud cottage