Inji, the ethnic restaurant

What is exploration if you do not get a chance to sample the local cuisine? Relish some of the local delicacies of the High Ranges—an overwhelming melange of spices, tubers and meats. We do not offer any exotic or Continental cuisine: we provide our guests intrinsic Kerala food, prepared from locally-sourced ingredients, which also gives them an opportunity to sample regional flavours and delicacies.

Ecotone mud cottage
Ecotone mud cottage
Ecotone mud cottage

Don't forget to try some of our trademark dishes!

Kappa (a delectable maincourse of steamed tapioca aka cassava) served with the local red chilly-flavored fish curry, inji curry (a ginger-based side dish traditionally served with red rice and other vegetable accompanyments), avial (a coconut-based mix of several vegetables with special hill-side inclusions such as Chinese potatoes or koorka) and local slow-cooked chicken curry are just a few of our many specialities. Let us know in advance if you have any food preferences, and we will whip up a meal that will leave your taste buds tingling and longing for more!

fish curry
mooru kootan

Other facilities include hot water round the clock and laundry on request. In cases of emergency, there is a doctor on call 24 x 7.