Rooms and Tariff

With an inventory of just nine rooms, Ecotones is a small retreat by usual standards. Yet we believe it is its modesty that imparts Ecotones its charm.

Premium rooms

Despite our limited inventory, the variety we offer is refreshingly exciting. You can stay in one of our five contemporary premium rooms and enjoy the view of the adjacent hills as the sun rises behind it in the morning.

Ecotone mud cottage

Mud houses

Our two mud-houses are architectural marvels constructed using custom-made chemical-free and completely eco-friendly mud-bricks and thatched grass roofs laid by local tribesmen called Muthuvans, in their traditional style. The ethnic mud walls are a perfect contrast to the contemporary interiors—a novel experience that awaits you at Ecotones.

Ecotone mud cottage Mud house - interiors
Ecotone mud cottage Exteriors
Ecotone mud cottage The thatched roofs


The elegant and spacious superior cottage is also equipped with its own private sit out area and is a perfect place to relax—with untainted night skies, and cries of cicadas for company. Watch the gentle sun rays dance through your bamboo screens and do look out for one of our favourite birds—a beautiful metallic blue and black songster who will serenade you at dusk and dawn with his melodious whistles—the endemic Malabar whistling thrush or whistling schoolboy, found only in the Western Ghats.

Ecotone mud cottage
Ecotone mud cottage
Ecotone mud cottage


Premium room - 6000 + GST | Luxury cottage - 6800 + GST

Ethnic Mud house - 6800 +GST | Superior cottage - 7400 + GST

(The above rates include bed and breakfast, exclusive of taxes)

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